Friday, December 10, 2010

Seraphin: The Darkest Hour Comes Just Before the Dawn (Rosie)

I believe Seraphin is the monad of King Arthur and St. Germain.


The realisation of this will break many hearts. It will cause them to fall on their knees asking forgiveness. They will be utterly distraught. Those who are blind to this will be asked to take that blindness to another setting where the light is not so bright. Perhaps there, they can learn to gradually open their eyes at a pace appropriate for them. (Their journey towards the light will continue, as will yours)

For this is now a quick, short-circuit ascension, dear ones, and not everyone has the psychological and emotional equipment to deal with this or to profit from this. Therefore, Beloveds, let them pass on, let them travel their path as they have chosen. Do not struggle to convert. There will be others who require your assistance. Yet others will lap up your explanations with alacrity and gratitude.


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