Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jeshua and Isis: Messages for the December Solstice

Jeshua: This event is an extremely important event. It is the event which as Richard said, begins the preparation in earnest; and they are words that perhaps you have heard before because there have been many steps on this journey, many levels of preparation and for the most part up until this moment, the steps of preparation have been in the background, you could say. They for the most part have not been in the awareness of humanity because there was a lot of groundwork that needed to be undertaken; and some key support energies have been put in place, some key blocks to these changes have been swept away, and yet up until this moment there has been no evidence in your dimension to speak of that demonstrates to humanity what is about to unfold. And as you have all experienced, most of humanity thinks you're a little crazy to be pursuing this conversation. But I wish to tell you, my friends the truth of what you have felt and followed and done your best to understand is about to come forth upon the planet.

These energies of this event are very powerful indeed. The energies of any solstice are very powerful, but when you combine the solstice with a full moon and in particular with an eclipse, the power of this event is hard to express. It will trigger the evidence coming forth in your physical dimension. There have been steps along the way when we thought some aspects of this may come forth, but there were so many forces at work to discourage this, and in some ways you might view what has happened over the last two years as perhaps being a microcosm of what has happened upon planet Earth since The Fall in Atlantis.

So many of you have come each time there has been an opportunity of a Golden Age or Ascension, and each time these efforts have been thwarted by the dark until you have reached that event which simply would not be denied, and that is what awaits you at the end of 2012. And so what has been unfolding is in a way the same thing but in microcosm, because we have expected rejuvenation, we have sent energies and yet the barriers have been very firmly in place to prevent this in truth coming forth. And so as I said, these two years have been a little like that whole cycle played out in microcosm. But just as those more powerful events, if you will have been denied up until the event of December 21, 2012 and beyond, so too all of those attempts to hold back what is to come forth will be cancelled out, will be overridden by what is unfolding with the energies of this solstice. Change will begin in earnest with this event. Rejuvenation will come forth. Changes will begin to emerge upon your planet that have also been held back in the same way, but they will not be denied from this moment.

So on one level you could view what is about to unfold as being the first step in the Ascension process in terms of its expression in the physical, because that is what it is. It is the step which will begin the preparation in earnest, the step that will not be denied by any being, anywhere that seeks to stand in the road of this process; and believe me there have been many on many levels that have sought to stand in the road of this process unfolding. Let me tell you that is ending. This entire process will not be denied and that process, that preparation, that coming forth in the physical dimension of rejuvenation, of the changes in the financial system, the changes upon the planet; all of these things will now begin in earnest. Humanity needs to be shaken awake. Humanity needs to recognise what is on its doorstep and so it will be. All of the unfoldings have been thoroughly planned from a long time ago, and on a level there are those that have worked very hard to deny them, and they have had some success, there is no denying it. But in the end, the inevitability of the light showing its hand would not and will not be denied. The ultimate power lies with the light, even though many have questioned that. It was the light that created the dark and it is the light that will end it. And this, my friends will begin in earnest with this extraordinary solstice which is about to be upon you. And so it is.

Isis: This event is a moment of great transition. It is the moment when the divine feminine will finally return in all of her power to the planet. One of the objectives of the dark has been to defeat the divine feminine, to destroy the divine feminine, and this has been true on your planet and indeed it has been true across the entire cosmos. The dark have sought to destroy the divine feminine for all that it represents, because the divine feminine brings forth compassion, love, nurturing, joy, passion, excitement. These are not things that the dark have wanted to see present anywhere. They have sought to control all beings and to hold them in fear and subservience; and that, my friends is the last thing that the divine feminine is, subservient to anything.

And so those that have sought to suppress the divine feminine across the cosmos have been removed. Those who represented beings of the dark, those who were of the dark in a sense have had those energies removed from upon your planet, and those organisations that have worked very hard to suppress the divine feminine, such as the Roman Catholic Church and as a result, in a sense many of the other Christian traditions, and also the form of Islam that has come forth upon the world as it has evolved. It has evolved also into a vehicle for the suppression of the divine feminine, as the dark has also penetrated that religion. And so my friends, it is time for the return of the divine feminine to the planet, the expression of Mother God if you will, is returning to the planet and the energies that come with this solstice open the door for that to be so. There have been possibilities for this to be achieved before now, but those of the dark have interfered with every attempt. And these energies, my friends are such that they will not be denied as Jeshua said, and so you will see it come forth in your midst and you will recognise it, as I have said before. I will not need to introduce this to you. You will recognise it in your midst.

And so it is this unfolding that I wished to take a moment to alert you to as an aspect of these extraordinary energies that are beginning to be with you, as you are now within three days of that extraordinary event. These energies will build until their impact is undeniable. And so it is.


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