Monday, December 13, 2010

Esu on Discernment and Co-Creation (Jess Anthony)

The sequence of events that are about to happen is fluid. The only absolute is the surety of it happening. Christ Michael Aton will change his planet, and the way he is going about this is revolutionary and unique. The methods are changeable from minute to minute and day to day depending on what has just happened. The nature of this planet it still connected with free will choice and the direction man decides to go influences how Christ Michael proceeds. This remains a co-creative process that now functions within the larger context of an already determined ascension with permitted intervention. Source has decreed that Christ Michael can shape this ascendency as he sees fit, but man's choices continually change the parameters of what he is trying to shape. His approach to this fluidity has been to influence both the parameters man has to choose from and the awareness he uses to make his choices. Man understands the reasons for his choices better all the time, while, conversely, the choices themselves are ever more clearly revealed as unworkable.


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