Monday, November 8, 2010

Zetatalk Chat and Newsletter (Nancy Lieder)

The blending of the seasons will be a phenomena that will occur during the 8 of 10 scenarios, in the time prior to the last weeks. Due to the Earth wobble, there are many phenomena in many parts of the globe which could be described as unseasonable weather. Snow in summer has occurred and is on the increase. Very warm days in the middle of winter, more than the typical winter thaw, so that fruit trees bud in winter, ruining the harvest when frost returns. But the blending of the seasons will be characterized by extreme change happening rapidly, one direction to another. What you have had up until the present is trends for more extreme weather. Imagine going from the heat of the hottest summer day to the cold of the coldest winter day, all within a day or so. That is a blending of the seasons.


The plates are heating up, as noted by an astute observer, just where pressure on the colliding plates would occur. The steady tearing apart of the Atlantic is forcing the S America Plate at this point to push under the Caribbean Plate. This is notably a volcanic region. At this point on the Caribbean Plate there is pressure, as the plate is locked against the Cocos Plate to the west and cannot easily move toward the west, and the hump of the S American Plate creates conflict for any sliding past S America at this point too.


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