Monday, November 29, 2010

Update (Karen Bishop)

In mid-September 2010 the new cleansing on the planet was complete and we were then released from all our old and prior spaces. Each and every one of us was then destined to land where we now fit the best... on whatever dimensional or vibratory "rung" or in whatever space that now matched who and what we had now become. Some souls took advantage of the cleansing energies bombarding the planet, and others chose to retain their same ways of being. And yet others during this time, attempted to receive their energy from another source of light, forcing many to close all doors as encouragement for these souls to find their own way and their own light. The light needed to completely shut off while these cleansings occurred. In this way, much darkness could be felt during the summer months of 2010. Much of everything holding a denser energy needed to be eliminated, and the light needed to be out of the way before it could return once again.


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