Monday, May 24, 2010

Zetatalk Ning Live Chat and Newsletter (Nancy Lieder)

The Zetatalk Live Chat has been moved to the Pole Shift Ning:

Nancy has been calling this the threshold year, just as 2009 was, in her mind, the signs-in-the-sky year. Why would signs in the sky not crack the cover-up, and what would cause 2010 to be the year when many cross over into admitting, to themselves and to others, that the government is lying? Up until this point the tightly controlled astronomical community, combined with official pronouncements from NASA, has given the impression that all is normal, despite obvious evidence they are editing SOHO and the placement of the Moon, Sun, and constellations are not where expected. At what point do people start believing their eyes and not believing the experts? The media is fully in hand, avoiding subjects on the ban list and promoting endless distractions while the common man is left to wonder if they are having hallucinations, as the world they see has so many extremes in weather and a trembling Earth - not what the media portrays.

We have predicted that this year, 2010, will be the year when the common man switches from looking to the media and experts for their answers, and to intense and anxious discussions on the Internet and in public gathering places like cafes or bars. What is it then, about 2010, that will push the public over this threshold?

Earthquakes and plate adjustments are described by geologists as lots of shaking but little positional change in the plates. This fits the explanation that anything cataclysmic that happened to the globe to cause positional stress in the plates in the past happened millions of years ago, and all since then has been just settling down from those cataclysms. But why would major plate adjustments happen now? The trend would be in the opposite direction. Rather than a continuation of history, in adjustments, the plates seem to be lifting out of their beds and heaving in directions not historically in evidence. The media can fill up with experts, spouting tectonic plate theory, but this question will remain unanswered in the mind of the common man. Thus, they will seek answers elsewhere.


The Earth wobble is caused by Planet X pushing away the N Pole of Earth rather violently once a day, and the bounce back when the Earth finds its magnetic N Pole shielded by the horizon once again. A daily affair, away and back. The Earth wobble is not silent, as at times it leaves it mark on what mankind records - like seismographs and earthquake data. The push and return happen at approximately 12 hour intervals, and at times this shows up on the live seismographs and earthquakes that accompany a violent push and bounce back so precisely as to not be denied. Take, for instance, last May 5-6, when the live seismographs shuddered, worldwide at approximately 17:00 UTC May 5 and the following morning at 3:00 UTC May 6, approximately 10 hours apart.

Did we have quakes, in synch, during those times? We did indeed, essentially matching those times. As the globe turned to face the magnetic N Pole of Earth to the sun, Peru had a 6.2 quake. Hours later, when the magnetic N Pole was escaping over the horizon, the bounce back gave Sumatra a matching 6.5 quake.


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