Sunday, May 9, 2010

S333: Forthcoming events- We are at the turnstile (Hazel)

The next few weeks as you know it will usher renewed events in every aspect of your world. This will be due to the increased flow of energies that shall be inundating your planet. It is part of the divine plane to step up activity as this has now become necessary. There has been what we call a pull-push effect for a while now but this is going to become more of a steady push until we reach the finishing line. Yes, there are going to be more geophysical occurrences and this time in expected regions at a velocity and magnitude beyond that which is currently being experienced.


This is the continuation of the message given earlier. We are about to collapse the entire system that you currently rely on because it is highly time that we implement those necessary changes in the market which will catch everyone's attention since the blood life for too many on this planet evolves around money. Your supply will be cut off completely and many will see themselves experiencing the effect of ones choking for lack of oxygen. Many will feel like the junkies who are suddenly deprived of the needed drug to allow them to have a semblance of life. There will not be any place where those dependent upon money can find solace or go into rehab in search for a solution. They will have to go into complete withdrawal and suffer through it all in order to understand the negative impact that their dependence has caused to so many in and around the planet. This is time for severe punishment leading to eventual redemption.


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