Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gaia on the Oil Spill and Future Options (Carolyn Evers and Richard Presser)

I come and tell you this, because it is necessary for humanity to understand that number one, the collection of oil out of Mother Earth is not necessary. Humanity thinks this is required to run their cars, to heat their homes, to make plastics and all the other things that might be produced, but I tell you my friends this is not necessary. Those of the dark who do this know very well the process to use the sun to fire the engines, to run the automobiles, to heat the homes and it is free.

And so I come to acknowledge each and every one of you for being here, but I also wish to acknowledge that raping and pillaging the Earth of her gifts is not the way. You see, things happen in the world to wake up people. It was not my desire that this terrible accident be allowed, but I allowed it so that the people can become aware that this is abominable. I thought that after the Valdez moment that people would rise up when they saw the animals filled with oil, that they were dying, being smothered out from the oil upon their wings and on their feet, but it didn't make a difference did it? ...


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