Monday, May 17, 2010

CM, Esu and S333: Updates (Abundant Hope)

Lots of material on Abundant Hope recently.

There are imminent geophysical movements to occur in expected areas so please be on guard. This is going to cause inconvenience and loss of life. I ask that you understand the bigger picture we made you aware of months ago. The mother is going to make a big turn and this will as a matter of course affect many. The volcano in Iceland continues to spurt and this is not going to stop anytime soon. It is going to affect the airline industry and the economy as a whole. The population is becoming more and more disgruntled and this is going to be exacerbated by what we plan to execute which will have disturbing and upsetting ramifications for all.


It is true, we mentioned it over and over again, that we need all of you in these times. But do not forget, that we know each one of you down to your very DNA, and believe me when I say, that all we do is finding the best possible way to communicate with you. Sometimes, you do not make it easy for us to access you, since you are so exhausted with life. Why is this so? It is the pressure on Earth you are feeling collectively. All feel it, some only know what it is for. You know, what it is for and so you move from spirit to act accordingly, but the acting itself is what you struggle with.


We are not here to play games with them but to get our plans in action. The bankers and the financial institutions are in ruins and still they try to maintain their power. This situation will not last long as their power is no longer in their hands.


We are ready to progress with some of the earthquake activity and so we urge those of you that live in areas of expected quake activities to be aware of all signs that it could be ready to happen. By this I mean watch nature such as birds, your pets and the like.

Watch for the earthquake clouds, although these have been seen recently and as yet there have been no quakes. Gather up some provisions if you are in these areas if you have not done so and these may carry you through these times of no power or access to buying goods. If you are in physical danger, then listen to your inner voice and respond as requested. You may be told to get out of a building or to not go to work on time.

Your inner voice may save you if you will allow it! If you are in harm's way and you are offered a beam of light, do not hesitate to get in the light beam! We will need to have your co-operation in this, so again we are giving this warning. Yes, we know that this information has been given over and over, but it may seem to you that it won't happen "here" and I can assure you that many places will start to feel the shaking and rolling now of Gaia. This is a multi-hinged plan and this is yet another aspect to it. So we are once again giving you this advice.


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