Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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This is a real UFO, captured on more than one video. The shape of the tetrahedron, which shows a triangle from four different sides, was generated by space ships nearby, coordinating with one another, thus a type of holograph. Unlike a human generated holograph, however, this display could be seen from all directions, with a precise 3D appearance. The fog like appearance was generated by changing the molecular structure of the air inside the tetrahedron. What was the message being beamed to the residents of Moscow during the display? We have mentioned before that Moscow is in lowlands, with few hills nearby for an escape during flooding. Moscow will be distressed early in the time between the present and the pole shift, due to flooding. What will the residents do, when the hills they would scramble to are hundreds of miles away? Flood waters erode support from under buildings, so they tilt and fall. Serious thought needs to be done by those who live there, to plan for such an emergency, which could come upon them suddenly during a deluge.

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I live in Los Angeles and for the last several weeks, the spraying of the skies has been non stop. Every little piece of blue sky is now white. I know you said awhile back that the spraying wasn't harmful. Can you tell me if the current spraying is still benign? And can you tell us why the spraying is happening?

Chemical poisoning is not occurring, though this was the original intent of chemtrails under the Bush administration. Chemtrails at present are an operation of the wealthy elite, allowed to occur only because they are hiding the presence of Planet X from the public, a matter which both the government and the wealthy elite have as a common goal at the present time.

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