Friday, November 13, 2009

Zetatalk (Nancy Lieder): Newsletter Nov. 8

Rumors abound, but the current outbreak of the plague in the Ukraine is not a deliberate release of droplets via small planes, is not an attempt by the Russians to punish and threaten Ukraine or European politicians, is not caused by contaminated vaccines produced by Baxter or other production companies, and is not some kind of New World Order incentive to declaring martial law around the world. The great plague outbreaks, the Black Death, occurred in Europe which obviously has the plague bacillus indiginous in its rat population. At the onset of winter, rats seek shelter indoors, and invade human lodgings. The onset of winter is also a cold and flu season for humans. Traps are set, and in handling the dead rats, those with a cold or mild flu might pull out a hanky to blow their nose. What is causing the spread of the pneumonic plague at this time in the Ukraine is fear of the swine flu. This fear is ramped up by authorities intent on immunizing the public to the greatest extent possible, due to their own fears of another genetically engineered flu virus being released. Thus nervous, those who empty rat traps and wipe their runny nose with a hanky, also put this hanky up as a face mask when encountering others. Thus, they send any plague bacillus to their lungs, and the cycle begins.


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